About the Photographer

Capturing a moment in time forever, will always amaze me…

Born in Hollywood, California, Josh discovered photography in college and has been taking pictures in one way or the other ever since.

His photography is an attempt to capture the emotion in each moment. He works collaboratively with his subjects to create an image that communicates and makes the viewer feel something – one which engages.

In his early 20’s he started touring with bands, traveling the country and capturing life on the road. This included three years of Warped Tour along with various other tours across the USA and visiting all the major cities of America. In this time he met people from all walks of life. Here he saw some of the best parts and worse parts of the country.

After touring he settled back in Los Angeles, where he is now living and working. After nearly 20 years of shooting shows, events, weddings, headshots and portraits he is actively producing his body of work in fine art photography.